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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 20, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PST

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live, from the bay area's news station, this the kron 4 morning news. >> good morning, for a client care and this thursday and live look from montana, san francisco, lookup crystal clear this. let e forecast holds in store. louisa. >> good morning, pretty pleasant forecast on tap, a clear conditions of the golden gate free of fog, a little bit of trees. and as to make it through the day plenty of sunshine, satellite shows as were some fraud is, free of it this morning. 49 degrees to
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oakland, south bay. low-mid- 50s all warm start to the day down in the south bay. satellite, radar still shows the bridge in place. a little bit of an offshore breeze that's what's keeping the fog of short, we will continue to see a really nice, pleasant afternoon temperatures jumping into the upper 60s. santa rosa 69, 64 as you head for the result oakland. getting out to 59 degrees in do antioch. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. it is nice looking, a little bit breezy today, continued the breezy weather, lots of sunshine. this will persist to the end of the week into the weekend. your weekend is
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sunny, mild, very pleasant. monday, same story, passing crowds on tuesday, wednesday. for the most part pretty good-looking forecasts. eric. >> thank you, , great start to thursday morning commute no major promise report surely no accidents or hot spot. if you taking the bridge, was studied zero the lead looks good, a couple of cars on the road heading towards the city teetering lights are off. nice, easy drive time the minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze incident of this group. san mateo, that may be a different story, overnight construction still in effect. the east 0 in both directions or wormy tie 0- 92. still living in the green indicating speeds of about 50 m.p.h. or above.
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quick reminder north and south programs are shut down, once you get the span past the toll plaza no problems, trucks moving well lots of space between cars. still tracking a good drive time of 12 minutes from end to end. same story at the golden gate a live look at traffic at the toll plaza barely in the cars, tracking road sensors and no problems for your entire ride. james. >> thank you, , developing story this morning hope is fading for finding a missing for year-old the envoy was returned his grandmother's arms monday night by his mother's export friends. dive team spent three hours researching the canal early wednesday night, as is where they're looking for and why they're losing hope. >> as night fell the degree of difficulty multiplied for drivers working the canal,
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researchers discovered to rocks of a stolen car no signs of for your world. >> we reason to believe that this case is creek and tragically we will not give up. >> and i and that when this account and try your tracks product market now, a car just like the one owned by the kidnappers. >> someone made a sharp left, broglie's a 25 degree left turn into order. >> the search to adjourn at 1:30 p.m. when they saw the car drove to the canal for corp. monday night. 45 minutes after he was rich from the arms of his term. >> (crying) to be he's are filing criminal conviction for manslaughter was caught by surveillance cameras by a 40 an ounce beer an hour
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earlier, police a concerned about his mental state. and his mother was ending a relationship. >> he snapped, alcoholic, he drinks and drives, that representation. >> mothers or we been dashed after the tour but the witness. >> we're not getting the number you normally see. >> tips are not coming in, the evidence leading a dark picture. >> this is not the first round in what the law for the suspect according to paterson police department he has several prior convictions including involuntary manslaughter, driving under the influence, on unlawful sexual intercourse. we will follow this story keeps attuned here. as we continue to follow the developments in this chamber alert for the fort ord. new details of the
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press has been made in a bomb scare in the state, we brought this to you on tuesday. police arrested this woman deborah " connection with those pipe bombs discovered that the affordable storage facility in pachinko. the area was evacuated and lanes were shut down. for the rises were identified in side the unit. she rises charges of methamphetamine, explosive device. no one was hurt. san francisco spreading the word out there's an opening for new police chief, commissioners road on the timeline including the release of a formal written and choir. he can then choose one as chief or reject the mall and start the process again. the city says it received one application, they are not revealing any names saying
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it could hurt the candidate's ability to keep their current jobs. meanwhile san a carrot clara county's district attorney was sworn in last night the former assistant attorney f. lee did did the day he promises to devote the office's resources to prosecuting crime and corruption. he will stick to his model of service, transparency, integrity, hard work. emotions running high last night as students, teachers, parents spoke against possible school closures. there is a map of where the schools may possibly be close seven of them, including was a hell in concord. all the shutdowns would happen because of the budget cuts. jonathan bloom attended the packed meeting and schurz's
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what was into it was not. >> here in walnut creek hundreds of parents gathered inside a packed high school auditorium to give the school board a piece of their mind. which schools to close? a committee working for months presented its findings the board to make the decision, at the meeting parents that their opportunity to sway the school board. parents told the board these numbers mean a lot, the heart of the schools means more. they should consider the effects vary on children. >> will mourn the story coming up, we'll hear from some of the parents and those who attended the meeting in are for the third half-hour, let's go outside a quick look here as we had off to our first commercial break, james lick moving well. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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sunday partly cloudy conditions early next week, a great weekend senate, miles across the board. news stories, a federal judge from oakland has issued a favorable ruling for gay- rights advocates including state employees and health care. state employees can sue for discrimination over the federal government's exclusion. the judge turned down the up, administration request to dismiss said that his words dance. the republican controlled house plans to rotate a direct four committees to come up with alternatives to on health-care overhaul, members voted to repeal. republicans want and the
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mandate to buy insurance. senate approval will be required as considered unlikely. as is the repeal. first lady michelle obama is scheduled to join wal-mart executives to announce retailers plans to reformulate dozens of products to make them healthier. built stores, in areas that they're already have them and reduced prices on produce. quick check on wall street, stock futures are down after yesterday's sell-off, plenty of this data including weekly jobless claims, existing home sales ebay says its fourth quarter revenue rose supported by the holiday shopping season and growth in its paper all business. lastly sitting general sallie mae's jumped 67% in the fourth quarter as more
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blurry rate their loans. boeing says it's cutting 900 of the 37 jobs at its long beach plant. declining orders for its planes as were to blame. >> and to shut the stairs and a look recovering economy is traffic was better than it had been in a decade during the height of the nation's recession. traffic increased once again as people return to work and start shopping once again. using real time data to calculate computer mileage, speed, travel traffic tieups was about hundred and $15 billion in 2009 factors such as waste of fuel, lost work hours, delays in shipping. we will take a break, let's go back and side another live look this morning this time from our golden gate bridge camera another clear shot as a light traffic said
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about 1 01 marin county.
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in the air back, lifted this video at the same louis, another dose of well wet weather. expected to drop 6 in. of snow. this is the latest turn to hit their it's expected to move on tomorrow head to the east coast another serious about all of those folks still digging out of the last storm. bart to cat is recalling 16,000 snowmobiles because possible loss of control their 2010 models manufactured at the minnesota plant. forecasts, no snow, actually, temperatures are not that bad. >> let's see folks are beat very jealous of our brother, this is why we like living here clear conditions to
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start the day, free of fraud, pretty mild. many temperatures starting off in the '50s, by the afternoon lots of sunshine for us. without sunshine for a good long stretch. really good work it looking we could contact, satellite, shows as the fog, not sure anything this morning. free of it and pretty much every location currently in the '50s in san francisco, sobered. mid-50s eban to the north bay still hanging on to low '40's. right h pressure system in place. an offshore flow is keeping the fog at bay. we'll have a bit of a breeze to the north, east hills, other than that it should stay,, really nice afternoon. temperatures in the upper 60s close to '70s. 64 for novato, low 60s
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and do places like oakland, hayward. done it to san jose red around 63. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. check out all the days of sunshine, it is going to be a real nice one as we had to the rest of the week. upper 60s on top. cooling-off ever says live by the weekend. still pretty nice out there. a little cloud cover tuesday, wednesday stain dry. >> thank you, is a good looking for guess. no major problems to report, a live look here westbound 80 headed westbound know of course, this meeting lights are off no overnight construction all lanes are
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rarely off. 80 m both directions right where it meets highway 92 to two left lanes are closed down, north, lamps are closed once you get on the span traffic moves well surely at the limit. golden gate looks good, here red of the north bay good just a couple of cars on the road headed southbound to san francisco. no problems to report. james. >> the arizona shooting congresswoman lee gifford shot in the four had less than two weeks ago has recovered enough to move to a rehab facility. that news comes as a grand jury handed down an indictment charging jared loughner with trying
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to assassinate her and tried to kill to of raids. a chilling new details have emerged. >> there's a portion of the tape were you can see very clearly that the suspect comes out of one of the doors. >> shear said he says this surveillance video clearly shows the suspect jared loughner are as the open fire and the mall parking lot. >> the walks around a collapsed six for the table, when he does so with very sick again purpose he walked up to the congresswoman point again at her face and shoots. it was clear he was there than 24 of 36 in. or face. >> he then opens fire on bystanders killing six winning a dozen before he's subdued while trying to reload. police arrived minutes later. >> citizens were holding him down, i just a minute is
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backed by other mining calves, but hank of sodom. >> the deputies as he offered no resistance, no explanation. >> he said i'd read the fifth two or three times. >> to back in court next monday as for gifford she will be flown to the t i a i r rehabilitation hospital. >> she is tough, they have seen how tough she is from the time she showed up here. how tough she is today. i am certain that she will be back off starter than ever. >> a tucson television systems as that congresswoman gabrielle giffords was able to stand on her own 2 ft. yesterday. she was also to able to scroll to the pictures on the iphone, the question is can she >> ? she is a tube in her
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throat when they take that we will find out. we do know the area of the brain impacted controls comprehension and speech. >> we will keep tabs on her. >> a formal state dinner was held at the white house last night in honor of tennis president. this is video of the arrival of the president, they met earlier in the day in the oval office where he was pressed on the issue of improving human rights in china. the u.s. will push for freedom of speech, assembly and religion for the chinese people he admitted a lot still needs to be done. >> china recognizes and respects the of the sodality of human rights at the same time we do believe that we need to take into account the different circumstances when it comes to the universal value.
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>> he also announced major deals the pieces will increase exports to china. he says the deals will also create thousands of jobs. turning to the state budget crisis, deep budget cuts at the university of california in dozens of students dropped research and elsewhere for college education. they just to the university regents in san diego telling them they must find a way to deal with the $1 billion budget gap. among issues facing the schools are reductions in funding, cost, salaries and pensions. over the next decade the universities may be forced to turn away 20-30 was a qualified students in order to trim costs. will agencies face stress tests one proposal calls for wiping out redeveloping agencies across the state. >> san francisco's gardens
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and the center for the arts were funded with redevelopment monday. so was your she's complex and affordable by using. the concern is the governor's proposal goes forward to cut redevelopment agencies projects like this one will not get built. that's why various agencies throughout the state are moving quickly to get projects in the pipeline and under contract so they can go forward weather not three drummond agency is still here after july. >> we will take a break, back with more in just a minute.
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bay area white congest is not as bad as these to be the latest urban mobility report released this morning shows that the bay area congest in measured by the amount of time suspects died in slow-moving traffic is now the sixth worst. no longer are we in the top five. this getting a little bit better. and at the top by which we had been since 1982. more from the story coming up east of san the tear bridge coming years the golden gate, traffic is nice and light. more weather and traffic in just a minute, are ron has test fired the
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surface-to-air missile. it was part of chiron's effort to boost the capabilities. in recent years they have made important breakthroughs in the defense sector became self-sufficient and reducing military equipment. south korea has what agreement between leaders of the united states and china on the need to maintain peace and stability. the south korean foreign ministry says saul had a positive view regarding the outcome of the summit. they're urging north korea to stop all new juror activities and demonstrate are responsible insincere attitude to improving relations. president barack obama and chinese leader issued a joint statement on a career. their decades- long security alliance while china is north tree is key ally. the death toll continues to rise in the
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wake of devastating floods at least 735 have been killed since thousands are always. backed here in the u.s. by a woman that was a kidnap 23 years ago has been reunited with her parents. this is a picture of curly no white and she looks now. she was kidnapped from a hospital, as a teenager white to was going by the name of not tran muncie began to a special reserve related to the family there raised her. recently she was able to base to get her boss by looking at her own baby voters and a picture on the web site. george h. w. bush and top officials from his administration are reigniting to march the 20th anniversary of the start of the gatt the war. it will start raising taxes, or is
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prompted by the u.s. led coalition driving the might of kuwait, this week there's mayor regrets about it according to bridge. including the decision to pull american forces out even as saddam hussain retain power. >> half century ago the nation watched as jfk gave his famous address thousands of spectators bridge 8 in. of snow throw the washington area to with is the speech that is now legendary contains " ask not what your country can do for you, you can do for your country " when he was barely passed his first dozen days in august he was assassinated. meanwhile, at 30 years ago today president reagan was sworn in as the 40th president of the united states, this is video of his
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first speech. the republican president served two terms was best known for his sweeping tax and budget cuts. in the economic policies came to be known as reaganomics. he died back in 2004. we will take a break, much more straight ahead. here's a live look inside of a shot from our roof camera and nice clear morning across san francisco and the greater bay area for that matter. warner forecast coming up.
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and we are back in nice, light, easy commute as to make her way to the toll plaza barely any trafficker clouds. we have louisa standing by. we're starting
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off with temperatures in the 40's, 50's, by the afternoon mostly sunny, a little bit of patchy fog overnight certainly not like what we sought. 51 degrees and says san francisco. down in the south bay low 50s, sort of a warm start to the day, we have a high pressure system in place that is keeping a strike today. a little bit of an offshore flow. it looks like we may even pick up a little bit of a breeze. upper 60s in some spots. 64 and novato, along the coasts 60 along half moon bay, 63 degrees in through san jose, fremont 62 for livermore. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. temple mounds of
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sunshine stretching not just through today, tomorrow but all the way to the weekend senate, mild conditions expected to continue. temperatures in the upper 60s rid of duty ended the week and into the weekend. next week's drubbing off a few degrees a few croats tuesday, wednesday a dry looking forecast for seven days straight. >> thank you, still quiet in the traffic department in new accident report no. bound 101 in mountain view overturned vehicle, no slowdowns yet. quick bridgeport, was about its your the person the bay bridge looks good a couple more cars on the road there we saw attendance ago still easy conditions heading to san francisco. leading lights are off, tracking the overnight construction getting to the san mateo bridge, the nimitz freeway in both directions ramie is 92 the two left him labor shutdown a quick reminder
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north and southbound ramps to westbound 92 are closed, which together on the span no problems to lots of space between cars in both directions giving you that a great heart drive times of 14 minutes from end to end. southbound traffic flowing freely once to get to san francisco downtown area across down freeways look good, practically a ghost town at the inbounds central reared meets the james lick easy conditions your ride just because the camera shot towards the airport clocking in under 15 minutes james. >> thank you, , traffic related here downtown tender fell will be one of the first operational stations in the new north bay train station system. jackie sissel is standing by with more. >> good morning, some of the hardware is artie emplace these crossing arms have not been used for a long time in downtown san rafael. it
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sounds like there will be in use soon. you talked about yesterday approved it as one of the stops. it was initially left off the list of stops for smart train but, the metropolitan since transportation says there are risks of losing $22 million so they reevaluated and decided they're gonna put the downtown stop in the initial stops. i am near the transportation center in downtown san rafael this is where the train will initially stop, they need to get this thing back up and running, it's not completely done that have to make some modifications at the facility, $6 million worth. they're hoping to have this up and running this will be allowed stop in 2014 from san rafael to sit to rosa.
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>> 2014 is expected? >> not completion, that will be the and the show project that will go from san rafael to sit jurors that an event to the brand's share from clover delta locks were. >> thank you, for that update. also following new details this morning in that search for kidnapped for year-old boy. it will continue this morning, officers say he was taken from his grandmother's home in paterson tuesday by his mother's onetime boyfriend jose. the suspect was driving a silver toyota corolla. a witness led them to the doubt that mendota canal in paterson 30 minutes out of trees see. that witness reported seeing a vehicle matching that description driving into the canal. that's why drivers run out there. they did find a car, not the one that was connected to the case. the search continued into
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evening for clues, they will return to the water this morning. starting at the southern end of the canal, statewide in or where it continues as the yen transfer and mother appealed for his safety. >> he's an alcoholic, he drives and his drinking, that will put my son in danger. >> in this video shows the last time he was seen, it picks him buying a 40 oz beer from the patterson gas station. maureen kelly explains where police have been doing since taylor was activated. >> easy and here he was snatched from his grandmother's arms at her home at 4:15 p.m. >> i s for help, i was screaming. >> the suspect as 27 year- old rodriguez, he had a previous relationship with the boy's mother is not the
4:36 am
father. immediately an amber alert was issued sides like this one up and down the state broadcasting information about the car the pair believed to be traveling in. a silver toyota corolla with a california license plate reading 68 b w 445. the tender which never reached out. they believe the pair may be headed there because suspects mother lives there. she's been contacted by the pd after was determined in the the the suspect or the board where the hunt for rodriguez and truly on up when statewide. >> this is not the first run and with the law for the suspect. according to paterson police he has several prior convictions including involuntary manslaughter, and driving under the influence, unlawful sexual intercourse. we will stay with the story keep it in here for the latest not only on our air
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but online. by latest developments at and the rest has been made in a bomb scare and in these bay city, a story right on tuesday. police arrested a woman debra coal, this is for federal, this is a connection with pipe bombs or discovered at the storage facility in the takeover. police evacuated the area, shutting down all lanes. all well the bomb squad detonated for devices found in that storage unit. kohl faces charges of mud and fed me, possession of explosives devices with the intent to injure. no one was hurt during that ordeal. san francisco is putting the word out that they're looking for new police chief, commissioners voted on a time line that includes release of a formal written supplier submitting a up to three recommendations for
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chief. that will go to mayor ed lee by march 15th, he can then choose one of them, or he could reject the mall and start the process over again. the city has are to receive one application, they will see mood is. they're not revealing any names in that connection hurt their ability keep their current job. the new district attorney was sworn in last night, the former assistant district attorney defeated the city be a and promises to do about the office's resources to prosecuting crime and corruption. he says he'll stick to his model of " service, and transparency, integrity and hard work " we will take a break, let's go outside give you a quick look from our roof camera. and i smiled, a clear spot across several sister.san franc.
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a beautiful, giant mid to upper 60s to our beautiful sunshine temperatures in the mid to upper 60s, saturday, sunday beautiful sunshine mid to upper 60s you get the idea we have some great weather ahead of us as we head into the weekend and into next week. nice stable forecast, now to the south bay where laser danger at international airport is one of the top airports in the nation the number of incidents were someone on the ground point of laser at the cockpit of a play that is taking off or landing. the tied for third place with the the incidents last year only chicago o'hare and lax had more. nationwide the number of events that they call it has doubled with more than 2800 incidents reported as kron4 is christine connolly shows us live with the safety of the plate and everyone on board air risk. >> here are some lasers the
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shares department confiscated status for green lasers tied together and aimed at a helicopter. when the matter wall you only see four small dogs. now let's take a look at what they it look like whenever the interest the camera the light is refracted much like it does in a plane pocket now if you turn out the lights you can see what it looks like in the dark it's even worse the result is binding. they had this happen to him. >> to the blind you to the point you can't see the horizon, depending on the intensity that temporary blindness can be a second or a minute or two. >> dear sir dangers that have damaged the eyesight of some pilots. getting them as easy as going to a local store. >> they were 3 $4 now
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they're available for 10- shifting dollars. the reason we see an increase now is because they're cheaper to buy. >> in other news around the bay city leaders and community groups and said san jose are planning to hold a meeting tonight to get residents involved in radio violence in their neighborhoods. they're being made to to meet our working group with a commission officials gathered in san francisco's chinatown to incur merger is an some rappers to stay safe, report crime trips during the upcoming chinese new year's celebration. it starts very third, expected to attract a number of people to the neighborhood. >> text that program since they and oakland the opinion of red syllogist is starting a safety program that allows students to text anonymously to be on campus
4:43 am
police officers about problems. it will cause them to thousand dollars a year. a break, we have a full check on weather, traffic coming up. a live look good side as we go. a shot at their ride as a bridge to the toll plaza. easy as it goes. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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we're back emotions running high as students, teachers, parents smoked out about possible school closures. here's a map showing you the schools that face possible closure they're seven of them holbrook, monday, at silver wide and ran. we all have planned book and toy on the list. all of the shutdowns are happen because of the budget cuts. jonathan bloom attended the packed meeting end shows as what happens. >> hundreds of parents and
4:45 am
teachers packed a school auditorium to give the mount diablo school district a piece of their mind this is the meeting where a committee is working for months gave the school board its recommendations disclosed. >> i know that you base your decision on information by the advisory committee but we are vested we do take this seriously. >> for two hours this sat facing the school board explaining the facts. an audience of hundreds was filled with emotions. 730 the parents and teachers got their turn to >> . >> is far more than just closing the school you would reimposing buildings. >> each person got a minute to show them the hard behind the schools. >> we are the heart of the day that the ec. >> if it's about money where's the harm? >> there's children involved. they're wondering what this is about.
4:46 am
>> and partially ever school board closes our program works. >> do not disregard our achievements. >> i did not spend my day dealing with this plan i am able to teach. the reason i went to sacramento. >> you can't take people working in high performing organizations and transfer them. >> the students are sitting out there sitting in tears where maccabean two years? >> to them when asked what the kids thought this is where i think closing it would be one of the worst ideas ever word i know that other people think that too. >> the board is expected to vote february 8th on which schools to close walnut creek, jonathan bloom, kron4 news. >> check and your forecasts louisa is standing by. good morning. >> good morning james,
4:47 am
thursday morning starting off with clear conditions here's a shot by san jose we are off to a warm start 51 in san jose by noon 60, high temperature of 63 back down to the '50s by 8:00, san francisco, james lick, in the clear. free of fog temperatures 51 degrees similar to san jose noon warming up 58 getting it to 61 back then it the mid-50s by 8:00. elsewhere, will into places like santa rosa low 40's 50 degrees in to livermore. 49 degrees in four antioch we have a high pressure system staying put this warning bringing us clear conditions, a warmer conditions as well we will notice those temperatures taking a little bit of a jump into the upper 60s for today offshore breezes also
4:48 am
keeping that far away from the area. right now 69 in santa rosa by the afternoon 61 in downtown san francisco, south bay staying in to the low 60s 64 from around you, 63 san jose. if you're heading out to the sierra, tahoe lots of sunshine. for today is starting off with a windy morning tomorrow conditions calm down temperatures warm up pretty mild day temperatures into the upper 50s. saturday to get those wins once again keeping a dry, lots of sunshine rate on through into the weekend same story a year in the bay lots of sunshine friday, saturday, sunday. your weekend shaping up to be a nice one temperatures in the '60s even into next week. partly cloudy tuesday, wednesday we will stay dry seven days straight. check and your commute erica.
4:49 am
>> thank you, , wrapping up the 4:00 hour without any slowing, hot spots. nice, easy conditions indicated westbound 80. traffic is flowing freely westbound into the city no accidents, incidents to report leading lights are off craig drive times of just eight-nine minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze into san francisco san mateo, good to go. nice, light lots of space between cars still no back up at the toll plaza no problems getting to the bridge. same story for your ride out of the north bay golden gate, a couple of cars snaking around heading into san francisco i just checked those road sensors still great speeds out there 65 m.p.h. for your entire ride at of novato past 37 down into the waldegrave, a live look from a south bay traffic is building no hot
4:50 am
spots. taillights in the northbound now back up at the 87 great drive time of just 14 minutes from downtown towards the declarer. james. >> thank you, a wrongful death lawsuit has been filed by hitting killed. the accident has spurn charges to masonic avenue which has been listed as one of the most dangerous streets for bicyclist and pedestrians. stanley roberts looks at a closer look. >> this is masonic avenue and san francisco but to pedestrians and bicyclist is called unsafe. >> the speed limit is 25 mi. per hour this is because it's a residential area. the average speed or about 40. residents and members of
4:51 am
safety to ask for changes to make it safer. some changes have been made. for example they put up these >> monitors. this was done to remind drivers of their speed. the watch this. some speeds are still topping 15 mi. over the speed limit. it is so dangerous for bicyclist many chose to ride on the sidewalk. a couple writers say it's always a challenge to ride in the street. it's just as bad for pedestrians watch for this driver goes around a man in the crosswalk. and there are still a lot of elite runners and a few red light runners. so until some major changes are made, it will be dangerous for very long time. >> as always, if you, our story idea let him know said in an e-mail people behaving badly badly at we'll be
4:52 am
right back. >>
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andrea back, project, the bay bridge traffic looks good on the span dates 0 notice should the plaza no proms at the span nice ride. san mateo highway 92 following an easier ride westbound those of his tail lights, your commute direction from hayward to foster coverage moving well. golden gate, there's one car and there's another. it easy commute on southbound 101. how safe is the idea of using your phone to pay for things? kron4 tech order gives as tips on safe shopping with your phone. >> it has begun the area of mobile payments, you'll hear a lot about it in the near future. starbucks has an application for i felt and blackberries. you can download it, put money on it
4:55 am
then walk into a store boxer i phone, blackberry and your phone and pay for your coffee with your phone. so you will hear a lot about this things, wireless retailers really want to use your phone area and about to pay for things, 2013 you can pay for pretty much anything with your phone. the question is is it safe? >> it can be the need to protect yourself here's some tips. obviously the biggest danger is leaving it somewhere words picked up. they take your phone anywhere rack up charges to your account it's like losing a wallet and someone fighting cash. make sure you have it locked at all times make its a year to enter a password to get past your home screen. that's of a guarantee its low-level people can get around that. almost every smart phone
4:56 am
offers white clean if you do lose it you can erase it remotely. leaning jump on your computer at home or work put in some commands and where ride is it will be erased clean. talk your carrier see if they offer it. it is worth the extra money. most of all if you start doing mobile payment or banking online remember your phone stores all of that information. don't lose it treated like a wallet. gabe slate, kron4 news. from hollywood to japanese tv there's a big bet that the treaty will be the future but it does come with a drawback. it makes millions of people uncomfortable or sick. as many as one in four people have problems watching it either because it causes the entire sum eyestrain or the your house problems receiving depths.
4:57 am
in the worst case and makes them queasy, it is see, headaches. research are developing more lifelike displays. their years, decades down the road. we will take our break, a live look as we go up shop from our roof camera a mild start to this morning really nice day and store, a beautiful weekend ahead more on that coming up.
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5:00 a.m. on the kron 4 morning news' top stories the search continued this morning premising for year- old boy in a canal in loss
5:00 am
cannae we'll have details coming up. deep but to cut city university of california means thousands of students on at the search elsewhere for college education. >> and your board takes the bay at the top five force commutes. we will tell you where rate coming up. >> top five for weather, you can't beat this court is clear skies before the sun rise son with heat things up, pretty nice day. >> to absolutely, if you have been planted indoors it's a gorgeous day. this is not the last day, a clear shot of the bay bridge free of plot, a clear, mild lots of sunshine by the afternoon in fact really good-looking weekend ahead of us. currently in the '50s and san francisco, check out the south bay, one of the war morning scene and some time. 51 san jose still chilly into the north bay 42 santa rosa, 50 in livermore.
5:01 am
sadly, radar shows the bridge still in place of dominating the area expecting to continue to see mild conditions, clear conditions for the next couple of days a bit of an offshore breeze during bought out of the way. a little bit of a dusty wind to the north and east. the afternoon lot of sunshine and warm added to the upper 60s into santa rosa. 61 san francisco, 62 san rafael. low-mid-60s to the east bay down to the south they could get to 62 in through livermore. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. more sunny days ahead. friday, saturday, lots of sunshine the weekend of sunny and mild temperatures continue to stay in the '60s a few degrees by the end of the weekend, crabby tuesday, wednesday, straight week ahead without any rain.
5:02 am
check and your commute george. >> thank you, good morning we are monitoring an accident on 101 in mt. view elaine and traffic is blocked it's not a hot spot the traffic is so light that pass the scene there are no delays. if it stays that there for a while that could change and become a problem. so far it doesn't appear to be created in the issues or delays bridge check for the westbound bay bridge, like coming ec traffic so far no problems of the purchase look good, san mateo moves well. as you can see the traffic on their right hand side of your screen the westbound direction moving fine, no problems, backups or delays. heading back towards hayward traffic is moving smoothly. golden gate, 101 no problems here your trip on 101 cell looks good with no delays coming
5:03 am
in through marin county in the ride across the span is pretty smooth. public transit good start, no word of any problems or delays. >> thank you, , are developing story is the search there will continue this morning for missing a four year-old boy at patterson. he's suspected of being forcefully taken from his grandmother's arms on tuesday afternoon. you remember we had the amber alert, they're focusing their search on this canal in paterson. crews searched the canal leading to the night after a caller reported seeing a car that looked like the toyota corolla that was used in the kidnapping they thought they saw the car go into the canal. not long after the kidnapping was reported. they did pull a car but it was not the one police are
5:04 am
looking for. it has under water pipes there are some big enough for occur to slip underneath that is why they're continuing the search. the mother of him is pleading. >> to just leave him summer i don't care where, anywhere, a gas station please. >> police have released this video tape of where rodriguez was seen last he's wearing a white shirt. black checkered shirt over it, had on. the authorities say he's a dangerous man extensive criminal record including manslaughter. take a look at the victim, and they were believed to be in that silver toyota corolla oversized alumina reels. >> turning to say budget crisis the university of california means thousands
5:05 am
of students will search the elsewhere for college education. they addressed the university regents in san diego yesterday telling them they must find a way to deal with the budget gap. among issues facing the schools are reductions in funding, rising energy costs, higher salaries and pensions. the water for the next decade state universities may be forced to resume what turner 20- 13,000 qualified students. >> this morning at the republican controlled house of representatives planning to about to direct four committees members or voted to repeal the health care plan as they want to end the mandate that forces all americans to have how the insurance and install reforms. senate approval would be required it's considered unlikely. >> a judge from oakland has issued a ruling for gay-
5:06 am
rights advocates involving state employees and health care. he ruled that state employees can sue for discrimination over the federal government's exclusion of their same-sex poses. supposes. >> we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes a live like outside the san mateo bridge you can see traffic is running pretty well at the limit, nothing to hold back not even the fog.
5:07 am
5:08 am
5:09 am
welcome back by about 9:00 a.m. a details on congresswoman gabrielle giffords it. she's reached another milestone the hospital says she was able to stand on her feet with assistance yesterday. the progress comes as she prepares to move to a rehab facility in houston. she was shot in net less than two weeks ago while hosting a political event. their new
5:10 am
details on the security videos that captured that shooting the shares department chief investigator >> about a key moment in the video. >> there's a portion or you can see very clearly that the suspect comes out of one of the doors, walks around the table eight collapsible six-foot table. when he does so with very significant purpose he walks up to the congresswoman points a gun at her face and shoots. she is barely in the frame of that video. it was clear to me that he was within 24-36 in. of her face with the weapon. the accused shooter has been indicted by grand jury accused of attempting to assassinate congresswoman gabrielle giffords and trying to kill to over aids it does not include to murder charges part of an earlier complaint they stem from the death of another
5:11 am
eight and a judge. the u.s. attorney says the initial indictment was just the beginning of actions against this man. at present a judge has ruled that use sections of the law restricting the sale of handgun ammunition can not be reinforced because it's unconstitutional. advocates celebrated the ruling saying the law which created uncertainty by forcing gun shops to decide what types of plants are covered. it would have required hank and ammunition to be brought into face-to-face transaction. >> will be back corner couple of minutes, live look at the golden gate bridge really quiet just a couple of cars. no-fault. will be yyeht back..
5:12 am
5:13 am
5:14 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, 514 here's a shot of san mateo we are free of fog everywhere. in
5:15 am
fact a very mild start to the day loss of sunshine will continue pretty pleasant temperatures than by the evening may be little bit of patchy fog but for the most part in the clear. current temperatures low 50s for san francisco, same story in the south bay. and in livermore, 42 for santa rosa, warm start today into the napa, 50. we have that high pressure system continued to dominate the area. right now we will stay clear,, that will structure pretty good long stretch. we do have it onshore flow keeping the fog away a little bit of a gusty winds to the north, the east. by the afternoon rings as temperatures in the upper 60s in some spots it will be fairly warm day for santa rosa, 61 san francisco, 64 oakland the south bay
5:16 am
temperatures into the low 60s. 63 san jose and fremont. in the sierra pleasant conditions starting off with windy weather this morning temperatures and the '40's by the afternoon we will stay clear, friday warming it up mild temperatures in the afternoon 58 degrees closed at 60 degree mark on friday a little bit of gusty winds said in on saturday temperatures dipping down into the '40's. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. nice long dry spell continuing for seven more trays of dry weather. lots of sunshine into the weekend your weekend is shaping up to be very nice. it's a great time to get your car washed. tuesday, wednesday partly cloudy temperatures in the '60s continuing into next week. >> you don't want me washing my car if i do it will rain. no rain in the commute is
5:17 am
easy ride bright, sunny. no hot spots to track your drive, your drive is retractor trip across the upper deck it's an easy ride in the short freeway if your ride in and out of the macarthur maze looks good. the nimitz to the bridge is fine. san mateo looks good 80 and 92 no back aliyahs although volume is building pretty quickly for your westbound side. changeable message signed is activated with the amber alert. that is where you see on the right-hand side no traffic advisories for the same detail this morning or the golden gate. easy trip across the span. but directions' north and south adding the fourth plane in the south bound direction. let's get a look at the south bay, as a bigot or karen san jose showing you the drive leading north towards troubled debt accrues from the bottom of guadalupe parkway. no backup
5:18 am
or delay this is leading to what at a different hour would certainly be a hot spot is not this morning that is because it occurred so early. and northbound accident at your moppet field affecting natalie the northbound but the southbound the vehicle struck the center divide kicking up enough concrete debris to block some of the south bend lanes along with the northbound side. they raided the vehicle they still have not cleared up the debris because the traffic is so light it has not created any problems as of yet. if it's not clear in time for the real full swing of the commute than we might see problems. so far it could. >> we've been talking about a lot it is in general the commute is later. and indeed now the bay area commute considered one of the worst in the nation has moved out of the top five. the first time since 1982 we are now
5:19 am
no. 6 in the nation's worst commutes. a number of factors contribute to the easing commute including improved road conditions carpool, it lip readers, in the slumping economy which means there's fear workers driving to work. >> to this morning downtown san rafael will be one of the first operation stations. in the north face new train system it's all part of the sonoma transit system. jackie sissel is live with more. >> thank you, , you can see the crossing arms and tracks are placed before yesterday's meeting san rafael the train was going to roll through the station. after being left off list of saab's the board had a change of heart yesterday after the transportation committee threatened to pull $22 million in funding so they reestablished
5:20 am
downtown san rafael as one of the stops. here at the transportation center there are still lot of work to be done this is where the train of action and make it stops. they may have to spend $6 million to reconfigure the transportation center. back in 2008 voters in sonoma and marin passed a quarter cent sales tax to establish this route. officials say they hope by 2014 there will be able to establish the first phase which we from here up to santa rosa. >> thank you, . darya. >> emotions are running high in the east bay as the mount diablo school dressed is considering closing schools take a look at the map. their seven schools help, sequoia, silver wide, red. then when but, as a quiet. parents, teachers and students for is their opinions.
5:21 am
>> we are the heart of that data the ec. >> it's about money where is the heart? >> there's children involved i was trying to keep it from them if they can read, they're wondering what the sign is. >> unfortunately for school closes we would lose the district. >> our programmer works cannot disregard our achievements. i did not spend my day dealing with discipline, i am able to teach. which is the reason i went to credential. >> you can't take people that are working in the high performing organizations and transfer them to other. >> at one of the students sitting up there in tears, wondering where my good be. >> i bet no when asked what the kids thought. this is what i think, closings over what would one of the worst ideas ever. i know more people think that too. thank you,
5:22 am
>> the board is expected to about on figure eight on which grows to close police did >> an investigation into how this school students interested rat poisoning the three students who swallowed rat prose included in credit partly encouraged them to trent saying it was candy when they knew it was him. it's still unclear how the rat poison appeared in the classroom. >> said investors putting the word at that there's an opening for a new police chief commissioners voted on the time line that includes the release of a formal written supplier submitting three recommendations for a chief to mayor ed lee by march 15th to lead can then choose one of those or reject them all and start the process over. the city says its parties demanded one application but they won't say who it is there not revealing any names
5:23 am
saying it could hurt the canada's ability to keep their current jobs. we'll be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues to live a good side from the james lick dark but clear.
5:24 am
5:25 am
5:26 am
here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. will of the wind like we did yesterday will house embrace today, a look at the high, 69, we could do 70 never know. 69 for today easing off, as is light into a gorgeous weekend. cooking complaint, no sign of rain and as for the seven vacancies. >> more now on the chinese visit, he will follow update tougher audience as he meets with u.s. lawmakers and business leaders. here's a video yesterday in the oval office. i number of
5:27 am
lawmakers have questioned the record on human rights, military expansion, financial strategy and weapons sales. later today they will address economic concerns and the u.s.-china business council. u.s. manufacturers assert that they undervalue their courtesy by 40 percent giving them an advantage in trade. the next job will be chicago. george h. w. bush and top officials from his ministers and are reuniting to mark the 20th anniversary of the start of the first kron4. it will take place at texas university it was prompted by aurochs invasion of kuwait. the u.s.-led coalition drove them out six months later. mr. roh says he has no regrets about his ministers and handling including the decision to pull american forces out. >> half century ago the nation watched as john f.
5:28 am
kennedy gave his famous inaugural address to thousands of spectators raised 8 in. of snow, traffic in washington d.c. the speech now legendary contain the the phase " ask not what you can do for your country but which a country can do for you do when he said the ronsard your clothes that. when he was on repasses first boston gave and all but he was assassinated. >> 30 years ago today president ronald reagan was sworn in and the 40th president of the united states. this is video of his speech the republican president served two terms he was best known for his sweeping tax and budget cuts. president reagan died in 2004. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues coming up the latest from patterson as the search continues for missing for a boy live report coming
5:29 am
up california should be proud. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
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5:31 am
a developing story rain now we continue call the search for missing for year- old boy at patterson. rodriguez's suspected of forcefully taking him from his grandmother's arms tuesday afternoon. the search resuming at the canal in paterson. here's google berkeley will show you the location as the boy was abducted from patterson. a short drive from paterson is where we find the canal where they are doing the search. there are reports that the vehicle there searching for was witness to be pushed into the canal. will tran and is live. will. >> this are tourism in 90 minutes maybe two hours from now when the sun comes up this is one time the california highway patrol hopes they don't find that silver corolla. see the body of water behind a canal, according to the california highway patrol they gotta
5:32 am
win this account from the farmers then noticed a sober corolla slowly going into the water, they sent their divers thing yesterday they did find another car that was missing three years ago. so far they have not found that silver corolla we don't know even if they do find it if anyone was inside the car at the time. they're still searching actively for jose and a little boy. jurors driving out here i can tell you the signs are lit up with the amber alert we hope to talk to the california highway patrol is in as they arrive in 90 minutes. back to you. >> we'll check back with you throughout the morning here's what police are looking for, the amber alert sirens are still lit up. they're looking for silver toyota corolla oversize aluminum wheels. . >> time right now is 5:32
5:33 am
a.m. clear conditions across san francisco and everywhere this morning. nobody in sight. into the afternoon lots of sunshine clear conditions continue we will warm up some today pleasant day, a good-looking weekend ahead satellites typically picks up the fog showing some to the central valley but in the clear to the entire bay area this morning should be a nice clear commute. 51 san francisco, into the 57 bay. still the 40's and places like livermore, not up. up to 38 degrees in santa rosa, 50 degrees for hayward. satellite, radar high- pressure system still in place a bid of onshore breeze which is keeping not far away, a bitter breeze in the high country in the hills in the north and east bank could see gusty winds at times elsewhere in not too bad. >> afternoon highs warming to the upper 60s to places
5:34 am
like santa rosa, nev., keeping it in the low sixties for places like oakland, hayward. 62 livermore says bay low 60s as well, 63 san jose. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. more sunshine had in fact an abundance of it stretching through the rest of the week into the weekend. temperatures hold steady to the upper 60s. cooley of slightly. temperatures stay in the '60s pretty petty for tuesday and wednesday. let's get a check and your commute with george. >> at the your situation not a hot spot but it could be. at another time of day. monday, 101 north and southbound it was a northbound accident that struck the center divider and because of that left to some degree in the southbound lanes they have a country in sweeper truck that should be working to
5:35 am
clear the debris from a lanes even now as we >> because it's estimated time of arrival on the scene by the california highway patrol is read about now. the good news is no backup or delay. to the bridges, not the right here on 1 01 i mean 80. as you can see no problems, the volume is building as you head westbound but still no problems for many of the approaches, san mateo volume is building but no problems across the span 13 minute drive time from end to end. golden gate smooth, easy when here for the commute in from marin county says bound your marin from highway 37 problem free, delay free as you head down from novato. >> thank you, , an arrest has been made in a bomb scare in the east bay that
5:36 am
we first told to about on tuesday police arrested this woman that are called in connection with pipe bombs discovered at the storage facility in potato. police evacuated the area and shut down all lanes, the bomb squad detonated for devices they found. kohl faces charges of possession of math and vitamin, explosive device, with intent to injure. >> the man in a wheelchair shot by police has pleaded not guilty to george as a result he was allegedly vandalizing parking meters slashing the tires of city vehicles his injuries were not life-threatening. the officer cut on the shoulder was hospitalized he was later released. >> we will be back with more in a couple of minutes, here's a live look at san jose it looks like folks are up early there and then as a 101 northbound making the
5:37 am
trip to work, traffic moving no k camera is shaking a little bit we do have a breeze this morning it will back off, warm as they we've seen in i would say a few weeks. >> this whole your speech a very funny.
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
into the air back, following some of the latest news crossing the myers just in. the death toll in i rock has risen to 50. that's the number of people killed by roadside bombs. at least 130 people wounded. south korea says this morning and has accepted and north korean proposal to highet to hold high-level talks. one last note your americans applied for unemployment benefits suggesting hiring will pick up. >> thank you, i ron has successfully test fired a
5:41 am
surface-to-air missile. part of their efforts to boost defense capabilities call sensitive places. in recent years they've made breakthroughs in their defense sector, self- sufficiency in important military equipment. the death toll continues to rise in the wake of flooding in brazil. 765 people have been killed. thousands are homeless. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. a live picture of the james lick things are moving smoothly. [ wheezing breaths ]
5:42 am
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welcome back to the kron from morning news, look at this scourge shopper san francisco we have agrees there up in the higher elevations, you can see a clear shot of the lights in san francisco, clear shot of every where. 51 san
5:45 am
francisco, 58 by noon, high temperature and to the '60s, mid-50s by a the clock. elsewhere, warmer side in the south bay, 54 from monday, a 50 in san jose, up 42 places like livermore, antioch, cool spots of and to santa rosa 38 degrees, napa 10 degrees warmer than that. satellite, radar shows that high pressure system dominating the area keeping much of the cloud cover at bay. same for the fog out of the picture. a bit of that offshore flows well. the looks like it will be contained to the north, east bay hills. not is windy as we saw yesterday. upper 50s and 60s for santa rosa, 64 novato, 61 in san francisco. 60s over to the east bay, 62 for livermore. south bay 63 for san jose. tahoe
5:46 am
temperatures in the '40's. lots of sunshine as well of it windy this morning, friday pretty good looking day temperatures warm in the upper 50s, mild temperatures. saturday, cool down, gusty winds. that sunshine will continue for three days straight and even into your sunday as well. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. shows us lots of sunshine, a continuing for the rest of the workweek and the weekend sunny, mild conditions upper 60s as a head of the weekend calling of ever so slightly by the end of the weekend into next week. a few clouds through tuesday, wednesday, there is not a raindrops insight on this forecast. george. >> knows road traffic eager, it's a hot spot fremont morning. our incident in montreal has resolved its selfwe were tracking a hot spot
5:47 am
but as of the lanes now. bay bridge westbound, no backup, no delay, light traffic still for the westbound ride. in the next hour we will see conditions likely change. say mateo has been a good one. the commute heading over craig 880 looks good, traffic on 80 about direction looks good. passing highway 92, little early for back up and this clock hours or more broadly start to see the first orderlies. golden gate, still looks good is the end of an easy trip to iran county which is still a problem in delay free from highway 37 south to the golden gate cruz san francisco crosstown no delays, a little more traffic there were used to on the inbound central. the southbound ride coming up the sky way looks good. a
5:48 am
18-19 minutes or seconds are scared. the areas of the top five force commutes. craig is live. >> one of two reasons that urban mobility report as part of the top five you look at a project that was done here, 580, 238. the work done this for ever, finished it a lot of regional traffic officials say, we put this money in, mayonnaise, smith. that is our the key regions. once the economy picks up things might slow down don't expect that just because they spent millions of improving we see here it will solve the
5:49 am
problem. in fact, the average run down from 71 hours in 2007 that to 40 yen the year 2009. that is during the economic slump. time will tell. as the economy picks up or the spending of that money on a project like this one is really the answer or whether was the downturn. >> absolutely it contributed, we look rain and a few other areas or they have widen the roads, added leading lights and try to smooth things if it's working. that's the right side right? >> to the key men love affected trading do this here, there as span to show some improvement is just what percentage was project and was people suffering from the economy. >> thank you, mark. >> other news city leaders and community groups are planning to hold a meeting tonight trent residents involved in reading of violence in the neighborhood. . since the
5:50 am
city officials gathered in chinatown yesterday to encourage merchants and job leaders to stay safe, report crimes during the new year's celebration. it starts for every third, it's expected to attract tens of thousands of people to the neighborhood. text a tip program starts and oakland unified school district is starting the safety program allowing census students to text anonymously to the police officers any problems. it will cost the district about $2,000 a year. >> new details santa clara county's new district attorney was sworn in last night, here he is, the former assistant d.a. defeated the fda delores' to devote resources to prosecuting crime and corruption. he will stick to his model of service,
5:51 am
transparency, integrity and hard work. >> a quick break as the kron 4 morning news continues until 11:00 a.m. one of the stories are falling rain now live to patterson a search continued for four herald what we're live will bring you the latest coverage as the search resumes.
5:52 am
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5:54 am
commack, 5:54 a.m. house the visit use your mobile phone to play for things, tech reporter gives us tips on safe shopping >> it has begun the era of global payments, you had your a lot about this in the near future. somebody has an application for i funds and blackberries and downloaded to your phone put money on it, walk into a store racks of your iphone, blackberry hand and your phone and pay for your coffee with your phone. the money is deducted from your account. you'll hear a lot about this in the future face, wireless retailers want to use the fog and year out and about
5:55 am
to pay for things. by 2013 you be able to pay for anything with your phone for strauss, retailers, events. is it safe? it can be a you do need to protect yourself here's some tips. obviously the biggest danger is leaving your from summer words picked up as someone with bad intentions to take your phone to starks other payment centers or racquet charges to your account is like losing a wallet and someone fighting passionate. have your phone locked at all times make its a year to enter a password to get passed on screen. that's not a guarantee low level protections these can get around that. it's almost every smart phone offers a wipe clean the future if you lose it you can erase it remotely. in a huge jump on your computer at home, were put in some commands wherever it is it will be erased clean. talk to a carrier see if they offer one of these white likely
5:56 am
formally features it's worse the extra money. if you do start to ring the moghul payment stuff, a banking online for member your phone stores all of that information. don't lose it tree like your wallet recklessly. >> from hollywood studios to japanese tv there's a big bet that 3d will be the future. it comes as major drawbacks it makes millions of uncomfortable or sick. as many as one and for how problems are watching three d t b because 3-d causes tiresome eye strain or give your has problems with that in real life. it makes people crazy, dizzy, headaches. they began developing more lifelike to read the displays but they are years, decades away. >> i look at the here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. we're looking at the morris did the week today. 69 degrees. so close
5:57 am
to 70 70. citing down a few degrees as we head into the weekend plenty of sunshine may be clouds next week doesn't look like a chance of rain. >> traffic around the bay still a good ride rate now at least the bay bridge normally around 6:30 a.m. things start to back up we will watch the commute. bay area traffic, that is san leandro. let's go to the golden gate.
5:58 am
5:59 am
coming up on 6:00 a.m., a pop stores right now. 40 hours since a four year-old boy has been adopted from his grandmother's arms. we will tell you what the focus is around canal. >> drivers may not agree but there's a new report saying the commute is getting better.


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